Over the past 28 years, we have received thousands of testimonials from consumers whose lives have been changed thanks to GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold". You will find a small selection of these below.

These stories are
all perfectly genuine. For reasons of confidentiality, we may only include the initials and countries of origin of our customers.

About a month ago, you have sent me Gelaform and I have to say that I am delighted.
My pain, especially in the back, has
completely disappeared. I can still feel my knee, but it is doing better already. I don't need pain medication anymore. I can walk up the stairs again without it having to hurt and without having to hold myself.
My son also takes your product and he's doing better. It is not only the arhrosis which is improving, but also our mood.
Less fatigue and I wake up with more joy in the morning. Thanks to you I have found a new joy of living. I have given my package to parents suffering from arthrosis: hands, back and knees.
They have started about fifteen days ago, and they are already feeling that the pain is diminishing...
Please send me 4 or 5 order forms so I can give them to people who ask me how come I am doing so good. Also, I sleep more and feel better in the morning. This is truly formidable." Madeleine F., Paris - FRANCE

I would like to express my complete satisfaction after a three months treatment with GELAFORM.
At present, I no longer suffer any pain and was able to resume sports (skiing, football) without any problem.
It is obvious that, given these results, I can only encourage my family and my friends to follow this same treatment. Thank you very much." Jean-Daniel A., Marseille - FRANCE

"... After 10 days of treatment, I am already feeling an improvement in the joints of my fingers, which have been deformed for a long time. Before, I could not play the octave on the piano with my right hand. Now, I can play these again, as many times as I wish and without hitting the wrong notes !" Lisette A., Dijon - FRANCE

"... sentenced for several years with pain due to a painful arthrosis of my right shoulder. Having heard of GELAFORM, I ordered the product and took regularly. After a few weeks, I abolished analgesics, the pain diminished, and then disappeared completely. My arm's mobility was recovered. Other rheumatism-related pain also disappeared. Therefore, I never stopped taking my daily dose of holoproteins. At 80 years old, I do not have any mobility problems." Marcello G., Milan - ITALY

"My spine made me suffer for 40 years; Scheuermann's disease treated at the age of puberty with the means available then, with heavy consequences that no medication had been able to alleviate. I was then on anti-inflammatories all the time; In times of bad weather, it was not unusual that I put a suppository in the day. The pain was really strong ...
I refer to this in the past tense, because I can say that I am "re-living" thanks to this treatment. I do not know what it means to be bent over a chair at dinner, with only one aim: to dwell on the ground on my back!
I can therefore say that GELAFORM gave me back my joy of living, in every senses of the term; I did not remember what this word meant: LIVING!"
  Madeleine K., Innsbruck - AUSTRIA

"... I have been taking your product for 3 weeks. The thumb of my right hand, which was motionless and very painful, has become more flexible and painless. Several of my friends will write to you and want to try your product." Jean B., Gent - BELGIUM

"Dear Madam,
... I was on horseback in the forest, when a lady, who walked her dogs, told me how she was healed them of osteoarthritis with GELAFORM, X-rays having demonstrated their recovery...
As my mare was limping and the vet only advised me to use anti-inflammatories, I immediately administered her with this product (mixed with bran, water and a little honey). It took a few months ... but she does not limp anymore, she drinks more and we ride through the woods everyday!
I recently had a major pain attacks in the shoulders and the base of the thumbs. I could at any time drop what I was holding in my hands and I was suffering a lot. The scans revealed osteoarthritis. The doctor also saw anti-inflammatory drugs to be an antidote, and he even planned cortisone infiltrations ... surgery being considered in the worst case!
I immediately thought of GELAFORM and bought several packages for my mare and myself!
Result: last week, I planted two flower-beds in the garden of my friends ... and without any pain at all! And I am 67 years old!" Gabriella M., Sevilla - SPAIN

"... Wolfy was one of the best Avalanche dogs in the country, with an exceptional record as a lifeguard. Suffering from osteoarthritis, walking in deep snow made him suffer and he could no longer work. Since last summer, he took GELAFORM, which quickly gave him a new youth. This winter, he will be back to work with me and he has since been able to save lives again." Patrick G., Calgary - CANADA

"Dear Madam,
... I must tell you something more important to make you happy. A year ago, I could not walk. I had terrible pain in the knees. I could not even get up when I fell and I always required help. I ordered your GELAFORM and took it every morning as soon as I woke up.
Today, I can assure you that I walk without any problem and without pain. Thank you!
And to think that some doctors do not yet know your product and only perform injections.
I gave your address to several friends. Thank you ...
PS: You have helped me to not suffer anymore, I thank you with all my heart." Alfonso C., Braga - PORTUGAL