Arthrosis (or Osteoarthrosis) is the plague of our daily lives, causing unbearable acute pain and making every effort more difficult than it needs to be.
Morning stiffness, troubles getting out of bed, discomfort while standing up after sitting for a long time, difficulties walking up and down the stairs, etc. These problems cause an unnecessary strain on our joints, leading to their premature aging.
Over the last 35 years, Bio-Gestion Switzerland has already helped thousands around the world gain back their mobility and joy of life, all thanks to Collagen.


GELAFORM Protein + "Gold" is a dietary supplement that promotes the regeneration of worn cartilage. Its composition is 100% natural, derived from collagen hydrolysis, and provides the body with the essential amino acids and building blocks it needs for its functions.

Ingredients of GELAFORM PROTEIN+ "GOLD" (for 100 g)

Contains: Collagen Hydrolysat
Protein content: > 90 %

Nutritional Information (for 100 g):


Please take seriously into account the following advice: your chances of success depend on it!

GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" is not a medicine, but a 100% natural protein nutritional complement. Warning: you will efficiently feel its benefits ONLY if you take GELAFORM on a daily basis and without interrupting the treatment!

It is therefore recommended to respect the prescibed dosage:

If you have chosen GELAFORM in powder: right before breakfast, blend 3 coffee spoons with a fruit juice or another drink of your choosing. Make sure the powder and the liquid are well mixed before drinking.

If you have chosen GELAFORM in capsules (capsules are ideal for holidays or when travelling): take 3 to 4 capsules before each meal(which amounts to 9 capsules a day).


From the age of 40, the body does not always synthesize the energizers necessary to the maintenance of the cartilage. GELAFORM provides these natural components to help you maintain your flexibility.

Our body needs water to live, and our joints require the nutritional elements of GELAFORM for the maintenance of the cartilage.

Also, do not interrupt the treatment when you start feeling better! A GELAFORM treatment is as important in summer as the rest of the year.

Some people have told us they have stopped using GELAFORM over the holidays, and then were sufferring from acute pain when they returned.
Do not make the same mistake!