What is GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" ?
GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" is a nutritional complement which the regeneration of damaged cartilage. Its composition is 100% natural. It is made from collagen hydrolysis and provides the body with the amino acids and the constituent elements necessary to its good functioning.

Is GELAFOM Protein+ "Gold" a medicine ?
No, GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" is not a medicine, it is a nutritional supplement. Therefore, GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" favourizes the restoring of a good balance in modern nutrition. Nowadays, the aliments we buy are more and more purified, which frequently makes them lose their nutritive value. They are therefore impoverished in proteins and oligo elements necessary to our organism's health, and particularly to our joints. GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" is available without a doctor's prescription.

Is GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" efficient in every case?
GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" is entirely natural and each of us has a different metabolism. Thus, results may be more or less quick depending on the weight of the person, and the regularity with which the product is taken. But one thing is sure: the people who have been using GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" regularly and without interruptions have all discovered a new state of well-being.

Can the pain really disappear after three weeks?
Three weeks is a good average of all our clients. Some of them are already satisfied after 7 days, and others must wait a few months. Please keep in mind that, even the most critical cases, your patience will be rewarded.

Why am I advised to never stop taking GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold"?
To understand this, we have to go back to what is the cause of the pain provoked by arthrosis. You are suffering because you body is not able to synthesize the proteins and the Bi-Sulphate Chondroitin necessary to keep the joints in good health anymore. GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" provides the body with these substances, and therefore functions well again. Your mobility comes back. Without any pain, you discover a new joy of living. When you stop taking GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold", your body goes back to its initial state and the pain comes back, destroying at the same time all the gains you benefited from until then. Therefore, the intake of GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" can not be interrupted. Never interrupt your intake of GELAFORM, especially when you will feel less pain.

Increased pain after a few days of treatment ?
If you have had arthrosis for a long time, your cartilage has completely vanished in the affected areas. As GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" reconstitutes the cartilage, the former has to create a small space between the used bones (especially in cases of arthrosis of the cervical or lumbar vertebras). In few cases, this may provoke an increased feeling of pain during a few days. However, this is a sign that GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" is having an effect and I encourage you to persevere. These eventual aches will vanish in a short period of time.

I am taking other medicines, should I continue taking them?
GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" is a food. It may be taken at the same time as any other medicine. If you take anti-inflammatories, please try, after a couple of weeks, diminishing the amount you are taking, or even stop taking them.

Is GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" efficient against the Zona virus or against Parkinson's disease?
No. Unfortunately not. It is not a miracle product.

I underwent hip surgery. Can GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" still be of use to me?
Yes. GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" is considered by many doctors to be a muscular revitalizer. Moreover, arthrosis being a degenerative disease, it is advised to take GELAFORM on a regular basis for our well-being as well as for the maintenance of our bone cartilage.

I have water in my legs, can holoproteins be the cause of it?
No. By the nature of the product, there is no relation.

Do you have samples?
No. Those would not be sufficient to realize the effects of GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold".

Is GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" refunded by health insurances?
Being considered to be a nutritional complement, this natural product is usually not refunded by health insurances. However, if you have suscribed to a complementary coverage, please contact your insurance. Depending on cases, some institutions refund a more or less important part of your fees.

May I talk about GELAFORM with my doctor?
Yes, please do, especially if you are satisfied with it!

Will I put on weight if I use GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold"?
In no case. It contains only 3,6 kcal/g, 0% fat and no cholesterol. On the contrary, during a weight loss diet, GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" is recommended for its protein supply.

Delicate stomach
You can take this natural product without any risk. Many of our clients have told us that GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" regulates the intestinal functions. However, in cases of intestinal hypersensibility, it is recommended to start with only one coffee spoon everyday during a week. You can then take 2 spoons per day and 3 by the third week.

Can GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" be given to animals?
Yes. Animals have a very good reaction towards natural products. My dog Laika was 15 years old and suffered from arthrosis. She couldn't walk up the stairs anymore and had a sad look. Every evening, I would pour some GELAFORM in her food. And she regained her former vigour.

You can take GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" without any worries. It contains no sugar nor glucose.

Dialysis ?
In principle, there are no contraindication, but do not start taking GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" before having seen a health professional.

Do you resort to vivisection in your research?
No. We are completely opposed to such methods. We do not do any tests of any type on animals.

When should I take GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold"?
On an empty stomach, just before breakfast.

Stomach ulcer
There are no contraindication. Actually, it would seem that holoproteins may even be useful in such cases. They form a film on the ulcer and drain it.

What do you think about mould-based products?
I have been reported many major disadvantages because it is well known that seafood activates the production of bad cholesterol. These products are all the more harmful because they are to be taken in a concentrated form. Besides their unpleasant smell, they can be the cause of gastric disorders. In addition, they cause water retention in the knees. Many scientific publications confirm these side effects.

And what about Chondroitin- and Glucosamin-based products?
Their effect is acknowledged in the medical sector because they actively participate to the regeneration of cells. However, they are efficient only in the presence of a very reactive cartilage, in the first stages of arthrosis.
Contraindication regarding GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold"
It is well known that high protein foods are advised against to people suffering from chronic high blood pressure. GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" belongs in this category. In cases of high blood pressure, the daily dose should not exceed 1 coffee spoon, along with a strict blood pressure monitoring.