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GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" - 1 Flask of 100 capsules

Flask of 100 capsules (for 10-12 days)


39,50 €

Amino acids are the essential constituents of proteins, no other nutrient can replace them.

With vitamins and oligo elements, amino acids are micronutrients. They are essential to the composition and maintenance of our organs, such as:

cartilage, bones, skin, muscles, hair and nails,(which protect against diseases);

Amino acids are also involved in the detoxication process of the organism. Their deficiency is the cause of most of the illnesses we suffer from. In particular, degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis or arthritis, commonly grouped under the name of Rheumatism. GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" is a pure collagen hydrolyzate, and is easy to digest. It contains 8 of the 10 essential amino acids essential to health.

Proteinic collagen which allows the strengthening of the structural tissue. Two factors are particularly important for an athlete or someone suffering from osteoarthritis: the collagen hydrolyzate is very beneficial for the joints and for the prevention of the cartilage's natural wear process. It is a natural food which, in addition, improves the quality of the skin (making it softer), gives volume to the hair and strengthens nails.

When do we need an additional supply of amino acids?

At any age, but in particular after 50 years old, an insufficient amino acids supply renders necessary the intake of nutritional complements which will bring the body the nutriments necessary to its well-being.

With modern foods, where everything is refined, aliments do not supply the body with the amino acids esssential to its good functioning.

Likewise, we eat lesss and less meat and not enough products with milk. It is therefore imperative to compensates these deficiencies with a supply of amino acids. This is made possible with GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold"

The GELAFORM contains no cholesterol, no preservatives and no other other additives. It does not contain allergens nor GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). It contribues to the protein supply we need on an everyday basis. The GELAFORM can very well integrate itself in a slim-diet. As it contains no fat nor glucides, it is perfectly adapted for a diabetic's diet, for low-fat/low-calories' diets as well as for athletes' high-protein diets.

Scientific studies show that collagen hydrolyzate can durably prevent the wear process of the joints. Already existing pains/diseases are notably diminished.

GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" would also slow down the decalcification of bones in patients suffering from osteoporosis. It helps relieving the pain and increases the mobility.

YES, GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold" is a healthy food that one can consume without any worries to obtain a better health. It has already helped thousands in Switzerland and all over the world. Thanks to GELAFORM Protein+ "Gold", athletes have accomplished better results and many people suffering from a lack of mobility have regained flexibility, mobility and joy of living.

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